The List


If you know me, you know I love lists.  I love everything about planning/goals/dreams.  Maybe it’s the teacher in me.  Or the obsessive organizer.  Or the idealist.  But, I especially love bucket lists.

Mine changes.  Some years it gets super-skinny as I madly cross things off. Other years, it sits stagnant.  Often, I find inspiration somewhere and start adding to the list.

I doubt I’ll get everything checked off my list.  But, who wants to anyway?

Because, then what?


  1. Run a half marathon
  2. Audition for Mortified Austin
  3. Move to a new city
  4. Write a book
  5. Visit Joel Olsteen’s church (in heavy make-up and big hair)
  6. Be an extra in a movie
  7. Learn to play the accordion
  8. Ride in a hot air balloon
  9. See the Goonies house
  10. Have a splash-pad/fountain dance party
  11. Learn photography
  12. Take the newborn-old people pics
  13. Visit Vegas.  In costume.
  14. Camp on the beach
  15. Protest/March
  16. Learn to hula hoop
  17. Austin City Limits taping
  18. Finish a puzzle
  19. Learn to french braid
  20. Hike the Pacific Coast Trail through Oregon
  21. Plant a vegetable garden
  22. Feed the peacocks
  23. See the Congress bridge bats
  24. Master a headstand
  25. Rock a bikini
  26. Hear a reading by Anne Lamott
  27. Hike to the top for the sunrise
  28. Airstream around
  29. Watch the roller derby
  30. Walk in a parade
  31. Visit Powell’s Books
  32. Go behind the waterfall
  33. Take ballroom dancing lessons
  34. Eat at Cowboy Dinner Tree Restaurant
  35. Ride in a gondola
  36. Trace the family tree
  37. Rock hunt
  38. Write a song
  39. Meet the president.  (Or Oprah)
  40. Host a murder mystery dinner
  41. Try __________________
  42. Play a round of golf
  43. Make the wedding short film
  44. Pet a dolphin
  45. Sew a quilt
  46. Go back to school
  47. Be on a jury
  48. Wear fake lashes
  49. See the Eiffle Tower
  50. See Bon Iver in concert
  51. Spend the night on a sailboat
  52. Ride in a helicopter
  53. Pick blueberries
  54. Walk through the tulip fields
  55. Take an overnight train
  56. Throw a  25th anniversary vow renewal party
  57. Meet the Morsch relatives in Germany
  58. Crash a wedding





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