To create

I’m a fan of a lot of things.  Err… a little fan of a lot of things.  But, I’m a major fan of a few things – and one of those is words.

Perhaps it started in childhood.  With an older sister who did most all of the talking, I learned that if I wanted to add something to the dialogue, it better be valuable.  Humor usually gave me an audience.  Or, a witty comeback got me noticed.  And eventually, over time, I discovered the platform of written words.  What I couldn’t articulate in person, I could craft with the pen.

These letters, smashed into words, squeezed into paragraphs, could form a shape.  And the ideas could exhale emotions and paint a reality.  They could affect someone.  Raw and ready.

I think we all have this creativity inside of us.  If we were made in the image of God – the creator of all things – then we must have it down deep in our DNA.

It’s easy for it to get buried in the laundry and To Do lists.  In the bills and homework of life.   Yet, with a little nudging, I think you can coax Creativity from the ground.

For my friend, Megan, it’s gardening.  She literally squealed as she showed me her new heirloom seeds catalogue.  For my sister, Laurie, it’s building something sturdy:  bunk beds, tables, and tree houses.  For a woman I met at a conference, it’s painting intricate little flowers on river rocks.  For you, it may be sautéing .  Or crocheting.  Or singing.  Or spreadsheet perfecting.

The point is, that we do what we are good at and what makes us come alive.  It’s not for others.  Sure, others play a part in the process.  But, we do it for ourselves.

Because to create is to give life.  It’s to breathe color or capture light.  To craft a narrative or move a hardened heart.  And sometimes, or actually often, the person affected most by the creating is the creator herself.

Shauna Niequist said, “If you don’t create something, the universe will survive.  But, you may not.”

The question is, what will you create?


  1. Amy

    I just love this! The sooner we can recognize we were made to create, and find that thing that makes us alive, the better!! Keep up the good work shaping ideas from words!!

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