Rumi said, “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

I’m not totally sure what he meant by this – but I love the contradiction.  So often, I’ve thought conflict was bad.  The struggle was to be avoided.  But here’s the thing: without conflict, there is no resolution.  Without pain, there is no healing.  Without brokenness, there is no repair.

We need the bad, so we can recognize the good.  And not just recognize the good, but be grateful for it.

You know when you’ve been icky/groggy/head-detached-from-your-body sick? When everything suddenly looks dreary.  Your lens on life is clouded.  Then, one morning, you wake up feeling different!  Food has flavor again.  Your legs feel lighter.  The world looks brighter.  And you are so appreciative to feel like yourself.  Something so mundane and normal is now amazingly delightful.  Without the comparison, you would never feel so grateful.  So aware.

Life is full of contrast.  We need the contrast.

Recently, we spent some time at a charmingly rustic ranch.  There, I was captivated by the fence line.  If ever there was an image to show the cliche “The grass is always greener on the other side,” this was it.  There was such stark opposition in the desert brush and the manicured lawn.  But it wasn’t the images themselves that were compelling.  It was the disparity between them.  Beauty takes wing in the contrast.

These days, I have to remind myself of the purpose of contrast.  That peace arrives out of conflict.  And rainbows appear after storms.

I’m convinced that Rumi had it right; the wound is the place where Light enters.  And, I for one, am grateful for the Light.


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