On Perspective

Memorial Weekend, we had no plans. While everyone and their dog was going camping/boating/paddle-boarding/hiking/having-the-time-of-their-life, we stayed in.

Which is not a bad thing.

The kids asked if we could pitch our tent outside, and I had to tell them that we hadn’t fixed the poles… soooo, No.
A full-blown, dramatic melt-down ensued, and I countered with a pathetic, “Let’s build our OWN tent!”

They didn’t buy it. Their short-lived dreams of backyard camping were just that: short lived. But, I wasn’t about to let them pout that easily. I started tossing out ideas of building the Best Tent Ever. “We could use the ladder. And drape sheets. And watch a movie. And make s’mores. C’mon guys!! It will be AMAZING!”

As I started dragging all the necessary ingredients out, they slowly joined in. Plodding at first. Then, sprinting. We brought down every musty sheet stored in the back of the closet we could find. We duct-taped every seam. We hung up lights and dropped off blankets.

Eloise squealed, “This is the Most. Epic. Tent. EVER!!” She couldn’t wait to show her friends and neighbors. The most mundane thing was magical.

We ate dinner around the invisible campfire in the alleyway, burned marshmallows over the stovetop, and watched a Disney channel flick before falling asleep to the sound of the dishwasher.

Marcel Proust said, “The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”

You don’t have to have a picturesque place to make picture-perfect memories.
You just need to have the right perspective.





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