David & Karyn

Eva Gabor once said, “Love is a game that two can play and both win.”  And sometimes, all you need is a friend to introduce you to the player who will change the game, and your life, forever.

Looking back, Karyn and David were equally matched.  Both grew up in Salem.  Both worked at a Starbucks coffee shop.  Both went to the same gym and attended the same church.   But it wasn’t until a foggy morning in the fall of 2003 that their paths crossed.

Karyn was meeting her friend, Crystal, at Starbucks when David walked in.  Crystal also happened to be friends with David – so naturally, Crystal introduced the two to each other.  Perhaps it wasn’t love at first sight, but it was the beginning of something. 

Crystal encouraged Karyn to get to know him, but only after Karyn ran into him at the gym, and later at church, did she think it was more than a coincidence.  Three encounters in one day?  Surely it was fate.

At least, that’s what she says.  David, however, remembers it differently.  “We saw each other at the gym later.  We said hi.  It was cool.  But we didn’t see other at church.”  Regardless of the details, they both remember what happened next.

A couple of days after their introduction, Crystal tried her hand at matchmaking again.  She called David to see where he was.  And with Karyn in tow, the girls tried to catch him at another favorite hangout: Governor’s Cup coffee shop.  Unfortunately, they were too late.  He had just left.

Karyn wasn’t about to lose that easily.  She got up the nerve to call him.  But, it went straight to voicemail.  The reason?  He was at the movies.  On a date.  With another girl.

Karyn had left a message saying “Heyy!  If you ever want to hang out, just call me back!”  And then she waited.  And waited.  Finally, David returned her call.  She says it took him ten days; he says it was only a week.  Either way, the clock had started.  “By that point, I was totally intrigued.”

For their first date, they decided to meet at  Governor’s Cup coffee shop… after David went on a second date with the other girl.  He says that having two dates together allowed him to compare.  “The date with the other girl was forced.”  But with Karyn, it was different. 

While Karyn sipped on Chai tea latte, David “talked about coffee like a nerd.”  The countries where coffee is grown.  The variety of beans.  For twenty minutes, he rattled on while Karyn feigned interest.  She remembers thinking, “I work at a coffee shop, I should play this card.” Admittedly, she knew nothing about coffee.  Heck, she didn’t even drink it.

Later, they walked around downtown Salem.  They laughed and laughed.  And David went home thinking, “This girl, Karyn, is awesome!  We had so much fun together.”

After that first date, they started spending more and more time together. Then, on New Year’s Eve, after watching (cough, cough) I,Robot at the home where David was housesitting, he asked her to be his girlfriend.

The pursuit had paid off.  Karyn got what she wanted.  “I was excited about the commitment because it took all the guesswork out of it.”

However, with the New Year came new challenges.  Not only had Karyn committed to David, she had also committed to transfer to Azusa Pacific.  The 1st of January, she drove down the coast – far away from Salem.  And David.

The distance between them was not just physical.  Karyn says, “I changed my mind at least six times.”  They talked on the phone.  David came to visit.  But, their relationship was unsteady. 

Finally, they decided to break off all contact from each other the last three weeks of the spring semester.  If God wanted them together, He would let them know.

Karyn was conflicted.  Then, her last week at Azusa, she went on a women’s retreat.  There, she felt God’s answer.  She would move home, finish her degree at Western Oregon, and if David would still have her, they would be together.

After a semester of separation and three weeks of silence, David and Karyn decided to meet for dinner in Salem.  The conversation stayed light.  Neither of them brought up where-things-stood.  Finally, before dropping David off at the end of the night, Karyn opened up.  She sighs, “I decided I was all in.” Luckily, David agreed.

The game had suddenly changed.  “We decided to give it a try.  We committed to making it work.” Karyn says.

It also picked up pace.  They spent all summer together – “dating, playing, and going to concerts.”  By fall, they had The Talk and even threw out the idea of a summer wedding.

Karyn laughs as she remembers waiting for the proposal.  “I left every single holiday open.  Christmas? New Year’s? Valentine’s??  Nope.”

Just as she waited for him to call her back at the beginning, she had to wait again.  Finally, on March 15, 2006, it happened. They drove to Portland to celebrate Karyn’s 22nd birthday.  Karyn teases David how he got lost driving.  And how his hands were unusually sweaty. 

They ate at their favorite Thai restaurant, and David gave her a bouquet of flowers; the same ones that he had left her in class earlier that day.  Then, after dropping off the leftover food and flowers in the car, he dropped down on one knee: “Will you marry me?”

Beaming, she said yes.  They walked to Papa Haydn’s for dessert where all of their friends and family were waiting.  Never mind that the ring was too big.  Or that the engagement would be short.  In Karyn’s mind it was “success!!”

They got married on August 19, 2006.  It was a simple ceremony, with all their best friends standing beside them.  Crystal, of course, was one of them.

They years passed.  Their family grew.  They moved towns and changed jobs.  But, they never lost sight of being on the same team. 

Karyn says, “I heard that you marry the person you want to be.  He’s so calm.  Even.  Not extreme highs or lows.  You know what you’re getting and he’s passionate about what he’s doing.  He loves unconditionally… which I need.”

David agrees.  “I think we compliment each other well.  We learn from each other.  She works super hard.  Ever since I met her, I told my friends that she’s got the most amazing spirit.  Karyn just lights up the room.  Everything is more fun with her!  The joy that she brings.”

One of their secrets to staying together is being intentional about time together.  David and Karyn still go on dates.  And frequent coffee shops. 

David orders coffee.  Only now, Karyn does too.

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